We allow creativity to flow. With innovation and the concept of collective ownership written in our DNA, Tater Games was established in March of 2019, in Bratislava, Slovakia. We keep the teams small, but demand high performance. Our hierarchy is flat and provides open access to analytics and data so our creators can be involved in making important calls and be responsible for the success of the company.







2019 Founded From a friendly discussion, to an innovative game studio
2019 Nunu Spirits v1.0 First version of the Nunu Spirits game passed through our
pre-market evaluation
2020 Brew Story Demo Winter hackathon ended with a quick demo of a new mobile game
2021 Nunu Spirits v2.0 New concept with the addition of NFTs and switched towards 3D artwork
2022 DINOX World Launched Successful beta launch of our first NFT game
Summer 2018
First discussion about outdated game dev practices
Early 2019
New concept of a future game studio is born
March 2019
Tater Games established
June 2019
First Alpha release in just three months
End of 2019
Nunu Spirits project temporarily paused
Early 2020
New RnD project “Damn the Flood” started
July 2020
Damn the Flood project didn't pass our strict evaluation process
August 2020
Development of Damn the Flood canceled
August 2020
Alpha version of CyberForge released
December 2020
New projects start development – Brew Story & CyberForge
January 2021
The internal testing phase of Brew Story released
February 2021
Brew Story shows good results, marketing campaign optimization
March 2021
The concept of the first dinosaur-themed NFT Game, DINOX World is
June 2021
Positive market trends of the NFTs and limited human resources within
TG shifted our priorities towards DINOX World development. Brew Story project paused
July 2021
Game development of DINOX World commenced
August 2021
Studio scaling thanks to the promising outcome of multiple projects
October 2021
DINOX World Alpha release
November 2021
The concept of the first NFT game that directly connects gaming and eco action is born
December 2021
Development of Nunu Spirits commenced
January 2022
Public beta launch of DINOX World
February 2022
Development of Brew Story resumed
March 2022
Team scaled to 25+ people 


The team is highly experienced with game development, smart contracts, and NFTs. Contracted to work on a highly successful NFT game. Excellent industry connections. A bunch of dudes having beer, talking about the most important stuff – the games, resulting in an idea of forest inspired characters that live in the blockchain era.
Gabriel Brockman


Marian Kuruc
Daniel Svonava


Daniel Radocha

Art Director

Milan Gajdos

Financial advisor


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