Meet the Taters

It all started with a friendly conversation based on a passion they loved: video games. The conversation centered around building a company where creativity, talent, and innovative ideas could flourish. Thus began the birth of Tater Games! The Team We are a group of determined professionals with years of experience in the gaming industry, marketing, […]

DINOX World Development

DinoX, our friends behind the new NFT strategy & combat game DINOX World, started on their journey back in March 2021 where the idea of creating a fun, new way to interact with NFT collectibles merged with our inner child’s dream of owning our very own dinosaurs. From April, they had a definitive plan to […]

Tater Games and how it all began

Games are our passion, we live for that stuff! That’s a very brief but also very accurate description of Tater Games, the game development studio where creativity and innovation are paramount. Tater Games began as a simple discussion between two game developers. “There is so much creativity and talent in this industry but all too […]