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Tater Games is a game development studio providing a wide range of services for full game development: creating 2D and 3D art and animation, programming, game design, UX/UI design, testing and gamification. Our team has experience in both mobile and PC games.


We provide full end-to-end support using the most advanced gaming solutions for project implementation at all stages of production and guarantee an impeccable result in accordance with the given idea, deadlines and budget.

Game Art

Our team is capable of creating 2D and 3D art in any required style, like casual, cartoon and pixel-art, ensuring that it perfectly matches the established style of the project and guaranteeing a hassle-free workflow. We are also capable of creating a new art style from scratch.

Game Development

Our studio offers full-fledged game creation services, while providing an accurate production plan for all stages to ensure delivery without delays. We start with an initial analysis, followed by concepting and game design, to deeply understand the client’s needs. After the release of the game, we continue to provide maintenance and updates.

App Development

Our studio also offers full-fledged app development services, starting with an initial analysis of the client’s needs. Similarly to game development we will take you through various stages with advanced planning and documentation to understand and fulfill your needs.


Our services also include the creation of high quality 2D and 3D animations using advanced technologies for a wide range of game genres and settings.

Quality Assurance

We professionally test games and apps for different platforms and carefully study them for specific bugs. The QA team provides test documentation and chooses the right methodologies to make the product flawless.
Find out Outsource Model that suits your needs.

Outsource Models

Outsource the game development based on several models that will be tailored to your specific needs. You can choose one of the available models or combine them: we are ready to help you by choosing the model that best suits you.

Full Development

A full in-house team managed by a producer consisting of game designers, programmers and artists is offered to build your dream project from start to finish.

Extend your Team

A smaller team is offered as an extension of your own team to fill any missing roles in your project.

Fixed Price

We provide our outsourcing services at a fixed price, previously agreed and approved with the client and based on a detailed description of the project. The cost is determined by the complexity of the project and required deadlines.


Do you not know all the game specifics? Let us research out what genre, setting, plot, characters and features will be in the game. Under this model, the services are carried out in short stages with monthly delivery. This model is suitable for projects with changing requirements, to explore the potential of the project by concepting art and prototyping features.

Long Term Development

Do you have all your project specifications figured out? Commit our team for a longer term and get an additional discount.
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From selling beer cans on the beach through brewing in your dad’s garage to becoming a world renown brewmeister. Time management is a key here. Watch customer conversations and events to fulfill orders, manage your staff, and keep everyone happy. Cook up snacks and sell merch to maximize customer satisfaction. And most importantly, build your brewing empire.

MODEL: Research Driven Development, Long Term Development


PLATFORM: iOS / Android




Far from home and with no memory of the apocalypse, the dwarves do what they do best – Fight, Loot and Forge. through hordes of murderous bots lead by a homicidal AI overlord. Move your team into position and work with your fellow dwarves in a real-time game of tactical leapfrog. Choose the right dwarf for the right job and your way forward will be much smoother. Grab an extra controller or two and enjoy the game with friends with seamless drop in/out co-op play.

MODEL: Research Driven Development, Long Term Development

TYPE: Premium




A play-2-earn game that enables players to plant real trees in the real world. Nunus are all about fun and games but their ultimate goal is to become trees planted in the gameworld. Nunu Spirits mirrors this action in our world by planting a tree via partner companies. Tree data such as its type and geolocation are then recorded to the player’s NFT.

MODEL: Research Driven Development, Long Term Development


PLATFORM: iOS / Android




The first dinosaur-themed, play-to-earn combat & strategy game. The catch and core idea is that through the introduction of NFTs, you can digitally own dinosaurs, take care of them, breed them, train them, use them in battle against different creatures occupying the Islands of DINOX World, and explore the Dinoverse.

MODEL: Research Driven Development, Long Term Development






We are focused on providing game outsourcing services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for a long time. Our team consists of veterans and senior developers with some having over 15+ years of experience. We follow all the wishes of the client and at the same time offer innovative and relevant solutions to increase player engagement.

Customer-oriented approach

Customer satisfaction is our main goal, so we carefully analyze the scope of work and offer the best approach to the development of the project within the specified time. As a result, each project is unique and unlike any other.

Experienced team

Our professionals join forces to create the most memorable projects. Talented artists, designers, engineers and managers are well versed in the gaming industry and offer the best solutions to achieve the goals of customers.

Flexible terms

Our studio offers different models of cooperation and formats of both outsourcing and outstaffing so that clients can choose the best option for them and get the desired results within the established budget and time frame.

Extensive knowledge

The combination of extensive experience in game design, art, animation, a rich skill set and possession of the most advanced technical tools allows us to go beyond the limits and bring the most complex and intricate ideas to life with ease.

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