Meet the Taters

It all started with a friendly conversation based on a passion they loved: video games. The conversation centered around building a company where creativity, talent, and innovative ideas could flourish. Thus began the birth of Tater Games!

The Team

We are a group of determined professionals with years of experience in the gaming industry, marketing, and business development strategy or crypto space.

Meet our founders Gabriel, Marian & Matej

Tater Games CEO Gabriel Brockman is very creativity driven, which works well as he also serves as the Creative Director for Tater Games. He sketches new ideas and often prototypes, creative design, and develops visual concepts. During his free time, if he’s not sketching, he’s involved in medieval swordsman training and sparring. 

Marian Kuruc is in charge of day-to-day operations, blending them with a very practical approach. He directs project leads to make sure things are on track and don’t fall behind schedule. He also spends time researching market trends, looking over contracts, company finances, and other business development opportunities. He loves getting on his skate/snowboard for adventures.

Matej Boda has co-founded a number of previous ventures and has years of entrepreneurial experience. His previous experiences include a film streaming platform and social platform that leverages blockchain for transactions. He joined Tater Games to help navigate the business side of things and when not doing that he’s playing his violin.

Meet our tech star

Daniel Svonava, our CTO is in charge of tech, analytics, and player acquisition. He has experience in planning, buying, and reporting on advertisements. He’s built systems for ads worth billions at Google. He has a love for skiing and flying.

And finally, meet our incredibly valuable advisors

Filip Fischer is a game industry veteran with over 15 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience. As co-founder of PIXEL FEDERATION, he led the company on its way to becoming one of the top social and mobile game companies in EMEA. After his roles as CEO and later COO, growing the company to 100+ employees, he jumped out on his own to found a new game studio, Charged Monkey. In his free time, Filip likes to enjoy a good craft beer with his friends.

Milan Gajdos spent 13 years specializing in global corporate strategy, corporate governance, and operational excellence. Milan has been an avid gamer since childhood and is proud to be among the first to play Dota in the Slovak community. At Tater Games, he helps out with legal and financial matters using his vast network of connections. Milan likes traveling so much that he even has a license to fly sport planes.

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